Secret Angels

Secret Angels is an innovative and interactive sweep of the great big story of God and us, using music, poetry and creative storytelling. This vibrant production explores the Christian vision of self-identity and enlivens some familiar stories from the Book of Hope, A.K.A. the Bible.

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Join Saltmine Theatre Company’s Secret Angels, as they embark on a mission, a secret mission, from … Well, that’s classified. Jordan is eleven. She’s had a bad day, she keeps getting things wrong and she feels a bit invisible. Her H.O.P.E. levels are seriously low. But this is before Micky and Gabby come crashing into her room. These secret agents with a twist know the solution, and introduce Jordan to the Book of Hope. Jordan’s room comes alive with planets and stars, shepherds and kings, and a bewildered innkeeper who just can’t sleep. But what difference can this story make?

£600 + travel costs + VAT for a day (two performances and two workshops).
Day costs can be split between two nearby schools.
21st April – 25th May 2018
Self identity and Christianity
Key stage 1 and 2
45 min performance + 30 - 45 min workshop
Performance space of 5mx5mx4m, with no obstructions.
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